Install Whatsapp on Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, 13.10, 14.04, Mint 13/14/15/16


While I would recommend you to simply go for Viber instead, because it’s available for all operating systems;
Here’s how to do it for whatsapp.

However, if the same number is registered to two devices, Whatsapp doesn’t like you accessing both simultaneously.
I’ve read, one at a time works fine.

You will receive an sms with a code on the above written mobile number. Use that in the next request.

If you don’t have pidgin, install it (From software center or by sudo apt-get install pidgin in terminal)
Now open a terminal and write

Now simply launch Pidgin. Add a whatsapp account, put username as the
phone number with country code ( as written above)
and password as the string we obtained earlier.

Use whatsapp on your laptop. (PS- Don’t use it simultaneously on your mobile)

Better still, use viber, and ask your friends to do the same! : it…

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Must Have Applications on Ubuntu for Web Developers

Development Tools

Mostafa Sheshtawy

As we all know, the new ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is now available for download . It is a very nice operating system, I posted earlier a Quick-Review on Ubuntu, you can check it out and see what’s new and cool about the new Ubuntu.

However in this post, and as a web developer, I will recommend the things that web developers can’t live without in this open source operating system.  We will look at development tools and applications that would increase productivity as well as applications that we developers can’t live without in our personal or work life.

If the application has a * beside it’s name that means it can be downloaded from Ubuntu’s Software Center – in Applications menu.

Internet tools


  • Firefox : You don’t have to worry about this , it is already pre-installed in Ubuntu 🙂 , however here some very useful Firefox…

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How to extract storage device information without using dmesg

Joe Kuan Defunct Code

ubuntulogoI come across this problem in one of my projects. How can I easily retrieve storage device information (such as brand, partition, label, filesystem etc) and integrate to another program ? E.g If an USB storage device is plugged into a machine or a LiveCD is running on an unknown machine and trying to detect what storage devices are connected.

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MySQL – Steps to break down large time series data & queries (Part 2/2)

Joe Kuan Defunct Code

database1) Appends date time to the table name

For example, a table name is Data_Connections_History. Then the application appends the date at the end of table name, such as Data_Connections_History_2009_3_14. The application should be able to create these tables automatically and insert the new entries.

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Installing new kernel within Linux kickstart

Joe Kuan Defunct Code

I have to build a Ubuntu installer ISO using the kickstart utility but I need the installer to install a particular version of kernel. Here is the link for a quick guide on setting up Ubuntu kickstart. First, I added the following line into %packages section in the installer build script to install the target kernel package, ks.cfg:

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Using jQuery.each() on a mutating list

Joe Kuan Defunct Code

Suppose we have a scenario that an array variable (let say ‘master’) contains a list of objects. Each of these objects internally has a reference back to the variable array, so that it’s remove function can remove itself from the owner array.

If we use jQuery.each() to call the remove function on that list, such as:

then it will result with error because we will end up calling the remove function on an object that is already removed.

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Ajax: a simplified version of file upload form using IFRAME

Joe Kuan Defunct Code

I have been trying to create file upload form in Ajax. Most of the tutorials I found are using

Note that the key differences are the target and onLoad attributes in FORM and IFRAME tags respectively. Once the above HTML code is loaded, the web client uploads the file to the server. The web server processes the file and sends the result in JSON to the client. The target attribute in the FORM tells the client to load the result in the hidden IFRAME. After the result is displayed in the hidden IFRAME, the onLoad event is triggered and executes the main javascript uploadDone function.

The uploadDone function is defined as below and it is loaded in the main page javascript section.

On the server side, the save_upload.php page is simply defined like this:

At the time of writing, this example works on IE 8, Safari 4 and…

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